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Atharva Veda

About Atharva Veda Mingle with Supreme Reality

Atharva Veda : How to Mingle with Supreme Reality Atharva veda deals entirely with the Knowledge experience and intuitive. Atharva i.e. Atha+Arvan Veda is concerned with the knowledge of wordily phenomena.

The Atharva Veda has its own special features and importance. Atharva Rishi is a great worshipper of the sacred Fire. According to the legend in Gopatha Brahmana, Lord Brahma practiced severe austerities for creating the universe. As a result two lustrous currents of water ATHARVAN & ANGIRASA flowed from his body and from these were born the Rishi ATHARVA- ANGIRASA and hence the Veda is named after the Rishi who revealed it..

Atharva portion contains Mantra, Tantra, Personal attractions and medicinal herbs and also the form and constitutional functions the King as a trustworthy ruler and the Government.

The Angirasa portion deals with spells and charms to kill enemies and drive away evil spirits and bad persons.

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