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Research Projects - Knowledge Mining in Atmospheric Science & Validation Using Modern Tools

Knowledge Mining in Atmospheric Science & Validation Using Modern Tools


  • To make a detailed survey of the science in the ancient Vedic literature especially related to Atmospheric Science and its relation to weather development & impacts.
  • To conduct specific experiments to validate the theories enunciated in the Vedas through carefully designed experiments and involving modern tools of observations such as Automatic Weather Stations, Doppler weather radar, GPS Sonde, Lidar, etc.,
  • To take promotional activities on Vedic science and developments in modern science under the Indian Space Programme through the large network of schools and educational institutions under contact with Vedic & Scientific Research Foundation.
Research Study @ ASP–ISRO (2009-11)

Organizations Involved
  • Vedic & Scientific Research Foundation
  • Atmospheric Science Programme -ISRO
  • National Atmospheric Research Laboratory -
Observations of the Project Study :
  • From the study of different ancient Indian sciences we gather that ancient Indian scientist, instead of depending upon man-made machines and equipments, have always tried to adopt and utilize natural objects easily available around us. Thus, the earth and the atmosphere had been their laboratory wherein the animals, plants and other natural objects had to serve the purpose of instruments and equipments
  • The ancient Indian system of climatologically science has another merit over the modern system that through the modern system the weather of only a few coming days may be forecasted but with the help of ancient Indian science of climatology the weather of several coming months may be forecasted. Thus our ancient Indian system proves of greater use for the agriculture as well as many other vocations and industries
  • The well- known Pavamaana Sooktam in the Atharvana Veda enlists all the advantages purifying the air. Thus, for the better progress of a region and on the whole a nation, a clean, pollution-free and hygienic living surroundings are primarily required as they are directly related to both human health and economic productivity prospects. According to the Vedic seers Pavamaana is not just the wavy breeze or breezes but it is the entire enclosure of the Air and gasses surrounding the biosphere. Hence they emphasized on its purity for the purity of all the regions of universe, earth, rivers, mountains, galaxies, activity of all living beings and of the sacrificial performances.
  • The field of Atmospheric Science or Meteorology has been at the crest of Indian Sciences right from the Vedic period. Studying the weather was accorded the position of a prime and paramount branch of science, for which, opulent and irreplaceable literature in the form of Vedas, Puranas, treatises like the Brihat Samhita, Artha Shaastra, etc., epics like Ramayana and Maha Bhaarata, and classics like Megha Dootam, Kaadambari, etc., has been produced over several millennia. Some of these are brimming with meteorological information, while others host some valuable, passive and symbolic references to atmospheric phenomena
  • The sacrifice ‘Yajna’ is regarded as an important concept of Vedic philosophy and religion but when we study it in its broader sense, it seems to be a part of Vedic environmental science. Yajurveda and Rigveda describe it as the ‘navel (nucleus) of the whole world.’ It hints that Yajna is regarded as a source of nourishment and life for the world, just as navel is for the child. According to Vedic thought, Yajna is beneficial to both individual and the community. Yajna helps in minimizing air pollution, in increasing crop yield, in protecting plants from diseases, as well as in providing a disease-free, pure and energized environment for all, offering peace and happiness of mind. Moreover, Yajna serves as a bridge between desire and fulfillment.

In those good-old golden days, all this knowledge of tech’know’logy and Arts, whatsoever, always emanated from passion and culminated in compassion. But, now-a-days it originates in quest and terminates in conquest. Nature always embraces a humble researcher and a meek seeker of truth, but never a defiant invader, who would cause the green and serene shades of nature to fade away.