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Research Projects - GDV – Aura Study

GDV – Aura Study

GDV Study were conducted on Swmamiji at Birla Mandir Guest House, New Delhi On March 29th-2007 Afternoon..

Stage 1: First recording was done where Swamiji Recited Mantras while seated on floor.

Stage 2: Second recording was donw when he was calmly sitting ready to start Meditation, marked SW pre or Pre Meditation study

Stage 3: Third recording was done when he just ended his Meditation, before he spoke or did anything else, while sitting in same posture.

Rcording of his two disciples accompanying him, Sh.Ravi Shankar and Sh.Kartik were also done.

Research Study @ DIPAS, DRDO


Summetry: Summetry is balance and uniformity of discharge on left and right side of body. A healthy GDVgram is more Uniform Hence of High Summetry.

  • Stage 1: Summetry was 92%
  • Stage 2: Summetry improved to 94%
  • Stage 3: Summetry was highest after doing Meditation at 99%

Summetry of Sh.Ravi Shakar was 87% and that of Karthik was 72%

CHAKRA Analysis

Comparing and Post Meditation recordings of Swamiji it was Observed that Sahasrara Chakra was Totally unaffected signifying a constant of higher consciousness.

  • Ajna Chakra : Related to Brain function reduced slightly post Meditation.
  • Vishuddhi: Related to vocalization and communication was practically same
  • Anahata : Related to emotional status increased significantly
  • Manipura : was significantly lowered

Swadhisthana, Increased significantly post Meditation, There was no significant change in Muladhara Chakra