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Research Projects - Effects of Rhythemic Sounds

Effects of Rhythemic Sounds on Psychological, Psychological Parameters


To study the Effects of Rhythemic Sounds produced by Vedic Chanting on Psychological Parameters like Stress Relief, Individual Inner energy, Intuition Power, Sound Health, Good thoughts & Aims ,Control of Emotional attitudes like Anger, Ego, Adamant, Arrogance, Fear etc. and enhancing of Self Confidence as well as Creation of Positive Vibrations.

Research Study @ DIPR – DRDO (2007-2008)

Organizations Involved:
  • Vedic & Scientific Research Foundation
  • Field Research Laboratory (FRL), DRDO-Leh
  • Defence Institute of Pshychological Research (DIPR), DRDO–Delhi
  • High Energy Meterials Research Laboratory (HEMRL), DRDO–Pune
  • Institute of National Integration (INI), CME–Pune

As per the feedback from the participants after the training, it is evident that

  • Rhythmic sounds of Indian traditional vedic mantras chanting improves feeling of well being, self confidence, general health
  • Listening to the vedic chants improves control of negative emotions like anger, arrogance and fear
  • Vedic chanting improves concentration and creates mind steadiness.
Study Subject Personnel :
  • Indian Tibet Border Police – ITBP, Leh, Ladak
  • 666 Army Aviation Squadron, Leh, Ladak
  • 403 LT AD Regt, Ladak
  • 508 ASC BN, Ladak
  • 14th Corps OP Sig Regt, Ladak
  • INI Army, Pune
  • DRDO Scientists, HEMRL – Pune.