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Research Projects - Effect of Spirituality for Good Health

Effect of Spirituality for Good Health


  • To motivate the Scientists and technical officers of DRDO for awareness regarding the merits of Spiritual practices.
  • To train the DRDO personnel with Spiritual practices in order to maintain their good health condition.
  • To inculcate spiritual values in the minds of the DRDO personnel for Distressing, Effective Strategic decision making, Intuition power, Efficiency.
  • To align the Scientists, technical and management officers of ISRO attitudes towards organization growth.
Research Study @ DIPAS–DRDO (2012-13)

Observations / Findings

The feedbacks from the participants shows

  • Awareness about the benefits of Spiritual practices for maintenance of good health and mind strength.
  • 88% of the participants felt very positive (energetic, improved status of concentration, etc.,) after the spiritual training.
  • Essentiality of Self health care through spiritual practices like Pranayma, Meditation, Yoga, etc.,
Organization Involved
  • Vedic & Scientific Research Foundation
  • Defence Institute of Physiology and Allied Sciences - (DIPAS)
  • DRDO Labs in South India