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Research Projects - Vedic Method On Environment Protection

Vedic Method On Environment Protection

Research Study @ ER/IPR - DRDO (2008-09)

Objective :

The objective of the research study is to study the methodologies mentioned in our Indian ancient vedic tradition for the protection of Environment. The current study deals with the effect of Vedic ritual "YAJNA or YAGNA" on Environment.

  • Monitoring the concentration of Combustion gases during Yajna and its impact on atmosphere.
  • Monitoring the concentration of particulate matter during Yajna
  • Study on effect of Yajna on Atmospheric conditions
  • Observation on Vedic Methodologies on Environment Protection
Organizations Involved:
  • Vedic & Scientific Research Foundation.
  • Center for Fire, Explosive and Environment Safety-[CFEES], DRDO-Delhi.
  • RajivGandhi Technological University - Bhopal.
  • Sriram Institute of Industrial Research - Bangalore.

Conclusion/Findings :

  • Determination of the vital role of certain herbal ingredients in reducing the level of CarbonMonoxide, Carbondioxide, Nitrous Oxide, Sulphur-di-Oxide, Methane during Yajna process.
  • Observation of Increase of Wet Bulb Temperature & Occurrence of small quantity of Rain during Yajna which clearly implicates the combustion gases evolving out from the Yajna has its positive impact on Atmospheric conditions.
  • Observation of change in the level of combustion gases during Indoor and OutdoorStudy. The Project study at Outdoor is more favorable to the Atmospheric Conditions.
  • The gas levels during Yajna process is within the limits of the Standardization limits for any burning process and the combustion gas parameters during the Yajna study at out door are with in the Standardization limits of Pollution Board’s Ambient.

Hence the structured performance of Yajna with necessary ingredients favours Atmospheric Conditions. Moe detailed study is necessary for detailed exploration of vedic rituals positive impact on Atmosphere.

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