Listen to Others, Decision is Yours
First Belief Yourself, then believe Others
Where there is Belief, There is Relief
Faith + Determination + Dedication + Hard Efforts = Success

Vedic Dictionary

Atharva Veda - Vedic Dictionary
S.No Title Meaning
1 VEDAS India’s ancient traditional scriptures
2 RIG VEDA Traditional Scriptures mentioning about the Characteristics of Supreme Reality & Nature
3 YAYUR VEDA Traditional Scriptures mentioning about the methodologies to approach Supreme Reality & Nature
4 SAMA VEDA Traditional Scriptures in the form of hymns, songs mentioning about the experiences with Supreme Reality and Nature
5 ATHAR VEDA Traditional Scriptures mentioning about the status of mingling with Supreme Reality & Nature resulting in attain of Divine power.
6 VEDIC METHODOLOGY Ancient traditional procedures.
7 SANKARACHARYAR The Great Spiritual Sage.
8 SRI VIDYA The Supreme Knowledge.
9 PEETAM Spiritual Establishment.
10 SWAMIGAL Divine Sage.
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