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Vedic Dictionary.

Atharva Veda - Vedic Dictionary
S.No Title Meaning
11 MANTRAS Sanskrit Words in the form of Code mentioned in Vedic Scriptures.
12 YAJNA/YAGNA The process of offering Herbal ingredients in the Fire along with recitation of Mantras as mentioned in Vedic Scriptures.
13 YAJNA KUNDA A rectangular/Square /Circular/Triangular Structure made of Bricks with certain proportions as mentioned in Vedic Scriptures.
14 MANTRA SASTRA Set of Rules and Regulations for the utilization of Mantras to attain desired result.
15 PUJAS Prayers to seek the blessings of Almighty.
16 VIDHAN Procedures.
17 JAPA Deep Meditation towards Supreme Reality.
18 PRAYOGA Utilization of Vedic rituals to attain desired result.
19 SLOKAS Hymns.
20 BHUMI Earth.
21 AGNI Fire.
22 JAL Water.
23 VAYU Air.
25 YANTRA Copper Sheet engraved with certain diagrams as mentioned in Vedic Scriptures.
26 YANTRA Procedures/Methodology.
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