Listen to Others, Decision is Yours
First Belief Yourself, then believe Others
Where there is Belief, There is Relief
Faith + Determination + Dedication + Hard Efforts = Success
  • Science & Spirituality

    His Holiness Sri. Sri. Sri. Ramakrishnananda Saraswathy Swamigal (Founder – VSRF) & Hon.President of India Dr.A.P.J.AbdulKalam.


    His Holiness Sri. Sri. Sri. Ramakrishnananda Saraswathy Swamigal & ISRO Chairman Dr.K.Radhakrishnan and Team .

  • VSRF@Bureau of Police Research & Development

    His Holiness Sri. Sri. Sri. Ramakrishnananda Saraswathy Swamigal & First Woman IPS Officer, Director General - Kiran Bedi.


    His Holiness & Dr.R.Chidambaram – Principal Scientific Advisor to Government of India .

  • VSRF@Field Research Laboratory

    Integral Stress Management Program for Army Jawans & ITPB Jawans at Leh, Ladak - Kashmir.

  • VSRF@Kargil

    His Holiness & Col.AshwiniKumar – Commanding Officer, 666 Army Aviation Squadron (Kargil).


    His Holiness @ High Energy Materials Research Laboratory – HEMRL, DRDO-Pune.

Atharva Veda Sankaracharya Vidya Peetam

Atharva Veda Sankaracharya Vidya Peetam has formed Vedic & Scientific Research Foundation to explore the scientific knowledge hidden in Indian ancient Vedic Knowledge and to serve the society by bridging Science & Spirituality.

Creation of Positive Vibration

Whether positive or negative, the vibrations are generated in the Nature, by things and beings. The Positive Vibrations can be generated & maintained by Yajna, Deepam, chanting Mantras thinking & talking positively and also Meditation

Mind Management

Mind is the aspect of intellect and consciousness experienced as combinations of thought, memory, emotion, will and imagination. Mind: Knowledge stored in Brain. To manage our mind, initially we have to attain Mind Power.

Vedic & Scientific Research Foundation.

"VSRF is dedicating itself to serve our Nation and for the betterment of Global community."

VSRF Activites in Establishement

@ Education Institutions

Defence Institute of Advanced Technology - Pune.


Lecture on “ Attain of Mind Strength through Vedic Practice”.


Visit & Blessings Message for ISRO, Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre.

@ Indian Army

666 Army Aviation Squadron
Kargil Unit, Leh.